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Agendas and Minutes

Suggested Templates

When preparing your agenda you should consider the needs of your committee and how to most effectively organise the business of its meetings.  Some agendas may be organised in a straight forward basis, some on a portfolio, thematic or functional basis. 

Likewise, the shape of your Minutes will reflect the needs of the meeting or the way your Committee operates.

Consequently, the templates accessible from this page are suggestions only.

If you would like some help in customising agendas (and minutes) to the needs of your committee, please contact us through the Need Help? link.


There are many useful examples of agendas and minutes to be found on the Monash website.

Check out pages for your Faculty/Divisional Committees, or the agendas and minutes published on the Executive Services site.

For example, the following link will take you to pages from which you can access agendas and minutes for:

Academic Board


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