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Council is the governing body of Monash University, established by the Monash University Act 2009.  It is chaired by the Chancellor, currently Dr Alan Finkel.  The Deputy Chancellors are Mr Yehudi Blacher, Mr Shane Buggle and Dr Christine Nixon.

Council is responsible for the overall superintendence of the University with specific accountability to the relevant State and Commonwealth Ministries for the University's fulfilment of its role in the Australian community.  It discharges that role by deliberating on strategies and policies to achieve the University's objects and by ensuring that the University has in place appropriate and effective University governance processes.

This website offers a range of information relevant to the Monash University Council, including links to:


Enquiries to the Chancellor
Dr Alan Finkel, AO

Secretary to Council
Mr Tony Calder
Phone:  (03) 9905 2010

General Information
Ms Danielle Bertling
Phone:  (03) 9905 2007 


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