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Student Complaints and Grievances

Monash University is committed to ensuring that all students have a positive relationship with the University and its staff members.

Most complaints are resolved at the local level and the following policy and procedures set out the steps to follow:

Informal Resolution

If you have a complaint, try first to resolve it with the staff member concerned.  If it is not resolved, or you think the staff member is biased, take your complaint to the next appropriate level eg., chief examiner, unit leader, relevant administrative officer or head of the appropriate area.

If you need help with this process, Faculty Grievance Officers can provide advice (see Faculty links below).

You can also gain assistance from a Student Rights Officer or the Monash Postgraduate Association who can provide independent advocacy and advice.

Formal Resolution (Grievance)

If your complaint has not been resolved by talking to the relevant people, requests for formal resolution must be made using the Grievance Lodgement Form.

 Faculty   Email
 Art, Design and Architecture
 Business and Economics
 Information Technology
 Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Please note that complaints and grievances can only be actioned if you have provided your full name, student ID and contact details.

Grievance Processes in Administration

For grievances regarding administrative issues, contact the area responsible for the function:

Contact your Faculty Student Services first about Admissions.


Grievances that are unresolved by the University's informal and formal processes can be referred to the University Student Ombudsman (USO) who will provide an independent and impartial review.  See the Complaint/Grievance Procedures flowchart for further information on the USO's involvment.

The office of last resort is the Victorian Ombudsman who can investigate complaints about administrative decisions and actions of the University.  If you have not completed the relevant University grievance procedures (above), the Ombudsman may refer you back to the University to do so before accepting your complaint.

Other Grievance related Policy and Procedures

Information for off-campus Residential Camps



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