Issue 33 - 16 December 1998

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Peninsula runner sets sights on Sydney 2000

Some people don't even drive 180 kilometres in a week, but running this far has become part of Lisa Dick's weekly routine.

And all the hard work has paid off for the Peninsula nursing student with her silver medal win in the women's marathon at the recent Commonwealth Games.

Lisa, who is completing a Graduate Diploma in Community Health, not only combines marathon training with study, she also works at Western Hospital in Sunshine.

Her Commonwealth medal win, in which she finished behind fellow Australian Heather Turland, is of even greater significance as it was only her second marathon.

"The first marathon I competed in was to qualify for selection for the world championships in August, but it also qualified me for the Commonwealth Games," Lisa said.

Initially, Lisa was hesitant when selected for the games because there were only about 10 weeks' recovery time between the two marathons, making her feat all the more impressive because runners rarely compete in more than one event every six months.

With her sights set on Sydney 2000, Lisa heads off to compete in Japan in the January 1999 Osaka Women's International Marathon, which is a qualifying event for the World Championships in Spain in August as well as the 2000 games.



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