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Contact an adviser

If you are having trouble making contact with an adviser from the list below please call Monash HR on 9902 0400 for assistance.

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Caulfield Campus

Anita Blom

International Liaison Officer
Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
Available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

990 31843

Helen Edwards

Student Services Executive Officer
Faculty of Arts

990 32676

Jill Walker

Lending Services Assistant

990 31025

Katherine Mitchell

Executive Officer, Academic Governance Unit,
Faculty of Business and Economics

990 32625

Lisa Sierakowski

HR Business Partner
Monash HR
Parental Leave

990 31641

Lyfie Sugianto

Associate Professor
Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Business and Economics

990 32813

Ranee Cornell

Student Rights Officer
MONSU Caulfield
Available Mondays and Thursdays

990 32596


Johanna Ram-Waibuca

Project Manager Quality and Assessment
Monash University Foundation Year

861 69706

Clayton Campus

Amber Collings

Leadership and Management Development
Parental Leave

990 29917

Greg Crundall

Workplace Relations Strategy Manager
Workplace Relations

990 29593

Heather Beeching

Executive Officer, Staffing and Educational Support
Faculty of Law

990 51215

Helen Forbes-Mewett Lecturer and Post Doc Fellow
School of Political and Social Inquiry
Faculty of Arts
990 55243
Ivan Sun Senior Business Analyst
Student Services Division
990 56051
Jill Brown Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Education
Currently unavailable
990 52848

Jonathan Brown

Associate Deputy Director
Monash Residential Services

990 57399

Nichola Thompson Technical Officer,
School of Psychology and Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
990 53939

Peta Shandley

Safer Community Advisor
Mental Health and Safer Community Programs

990 51329

Rachel Grau

Workplace Relations Information Officer
Workplace Relations
Currrently unavailable

990 29589

Rhian Adlam Campus Development Officer
Monash Postgraduate Association
990 53196
Trevor de Jong Group Leader, Student Finance
Student Services Division
990 55027

Trisha Prpich

Monash Residential Service

990 56200

Parkville Campus




Peninsula Campus

David Eckstein Careers Education Consultant
Employment and Careers Development
Available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

990 44480

Linda Ross Lecturer, Department of Community
Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
990 44407