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Workforce Management Procedure – University Visitors

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Workforce Management


This procedure facilitates the engagement of Visitors from Australian and international universities, other education sectors, government and industry to contribute to the scholarship, research and teaching at Monash.

The procedure seeks to ensure that the University and Visitors understand and comply with applicable Australian immigration laws and tax requirements. Further information is available via the websites for the Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Taxation Office.

The purpose of this procedure is to clarify the responsibilities of staff members in the hosting department who are accountable for:

  • bringing Visitors to the University's Australian campuses;
  • complying with related University policies; and
  • complying with relevant employment, tax and immigration laws.

The procedure outlines the process for inviting a Visitor to the University and applies to all Monash University Visitors, as defined below.


This procedure applies to Visitors who meet the following criteria:

  1. the Visitor is paid a fee or allowance (not including expense reimbursements);
  2. the visit is longer than 21 days; and/or
  3. the Visitor requires an ID card for security/library access.

If none of the above criteria are applicable, the visit will be administered directly by the hosting department via the Short Stay Visitor Process. Please refer to the Short Stay Visitor Process for the details.


Hosting department: the department within Monash that is requesting the visit and accountable for bringing the Visitor to the University.

Monash HR's Global Mobility Team: the centre of expertise (CoE) within Monash HR that is accountable for the development, maintenance and implementation of best practice procedures concerning the attendance of Visitors at Monash University campuses. This includes ensuring that Monash University complies with all relevant employment, tax and immigration laws.

Rex: Recruitment Express, the University's online recruitment system. Rex is used to manage the end-to-end recruitment and appointment process for all Monash employees and Visitors. Rex is also used to manage the on-line application process for other University programs and initiatives.

Visitor: generally an individual from another domestic or international institution (including an occupational trainee) who meets the following criteria:

  • is able to enrich the research and teaching culture of a specific faculty;
  • will enhance specialist course offering options in a faculty's teaching programs (at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels);
  • is a leading authority in a specific field relevant to a faculty's teaching, learning, research and/or community service programs; and/or
  • will enrich the research culture of a faculty through interaction and collaboration with the University's staff and students.

The following categories of individuals are excluded from the Visitor definition for the purpose of this procedure:

  • individuals invited to attend workshops, seminars or conferences that are organised by or with participation by Monash, but held at venues other than Monash campuses within Australia, where there is no payment / reimbursement made by Monash. These individuals must arrange their visit independently of the University;
  • individuals invited to attend interviews or meetings at Monash for the purpose of applying for or being considered for employment by Monash.
  • individuals performing work who will receive payment for work other than as a lump sum fee for achievement as per the definition of a Visitor. Individuals in this situation may be engaged as contractors or employees of the University under the standard University procedures; and/or
  • any individual who is visiting Australia on a Tourist visa.

The following is a step-by-step process for inviting a Visitor to the University.

Step 1: The hosting department completes a Visitor request in Rex

The hosting department completes a Visitor request in Rex and includes the following information:

  • visit dates;
  • countries of residence and citizenship;
  • type of payment requested, requested amount, country of tax residency;
  • purpose of visit;
  • accompanying family approved by hosting department, if any (for visa purposes);
  • personal information including date of birth, full name and contact details;
  • supervisor details; and
  • relevant approvers of visit request (including financial approval).

Once all the information has been completed in Rex, the hosting department obtains the appropriate approval by the delegated authority electronically. The Visitor request is then forwarded to the Global Mobility Team via Rex.

Step 2: The Global Mobility Team assesses the visit request

The Global Mobility Team will review the visit request in Rex and determine the details to be included in the letter of invitation, including, where applicable:

  • the most appropriate visa for the visit;
  • the most appropriate method of payment for the visit; and
  • any other relevant details relating to the visit (for example expense reimbursements, travel/accommodation details).

In confirming the above information, the Global Mobility Team may liaise with the hosting department contact (included on the Rex Visitor job request) to understand what has been discussed with the Visitor.

Ensuring that Visitors obtain the correct visas and are paid/reimbursed appropriately is critical to maintaining the University's compliance with Australia's employment, immigration and tax laws. It is the responsibility of the hosting department to ensure that the instructions given by the Global Mobility Team in this regard are carried out fully and correctly.

The hosting department is encouraged to consult the following guidelines on commonly used visas and payment/reimbursement arrangements:

These guidelines provide general information only, and the hosting department must seek specific advice from the Global Mobility Team for each visit.

Step 3: The Global Mobility Team issues the letter of invitation and Visitor acceptance

The Global Mobility Team will issue the letter of invitation to the Visitor electronically through Rex, and will also provide a copy to the hosting department.

Once the invitation is accepted online, the Visitor must:

  • complete the on-boarding form through Rex; and
  • apply for the visa specified by the Global Mobility Team in the letter of invitation (if required).

If the visa is a University-sponsored visa, then the Global Mobility Team will liaise directly with the Visitor to commence the application process. Alternatively, for non-sponsored visas, the Visitor will need to apply for his/her own visa as outlined in the letter of invitation. Visitors must not apply for a Business Visit or Tourist visa in place of the visa specified in the letter of invitation.

The hosting department will:

  • advise the Visitor not to confirm his/her travel arrangements until the appropriate visa has been granted;
  • confirm that the Visitor has been granted the most appropriate visa as outlined in the letter of invitation;
  • receive a copy of the visa label from the Visitor's passport or the approval letter/email from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection; and
  • notify the Global Mobility Team if the Visitor has obtained a different visa to that specified in their letter of invitation, in which case, due to potential immigration and tax compliance risks, they may not be able to commence the activities specified in their invitation, whether paid or unpaid.

Step 4: The hosting department completes the Confirmation of Commencement notification through Rex

The hosting department advises the Global Mobility Team that the Visitor has arrived by completing the Confirmation of Commencement notification in Rex on the day that the Visitor first arrives on campus. The hosting department should also attach a copy of the passport and visa details to the Rex record.

The Global Mobility Team will check the visa details and facilitate the relevant payment process (if required).

Step 5: Payments to Visitors

5.1 Taxable fee or fortnightly allowances

The Global Mobility Team will facilitate payment of a Visitor's taxable fee or fortnightly allowance through payroll. This process will be triggered upon receipt of the Confirmation of Commencement notification through Rex. If the Visitor has not obtained an appropriate visa (as stipulated in their letter of invitation) potential immigration and taxation compliance risks may prevent the Visitor from commencing activities for the University and prevent the University from being able to arrange payments. Payments and reimbursements should only be made to Visitors where this is specified in the signed letter of invitation.

5.2 Expense reimbursement and payments made directly by the hosting department

The hosting department is responsible for administering the Visitor's expense reimbursements and payments made directly by the hosting department including airfares, accommodation, travel expenses and meal expenses.

Expense reimbursements are made by attaching applicable tax invoices to a claim form signed off by the delegate for the facilitating cost centre and fund.

Payments made directly by the hosting department should be managed via the University's TMS (travel management system).

Additional information - changes to the details of a visit

The hosting department must contact the Global Mobility Team to seek advice if there are any significant changes to a planned visit, including but not limited to:

  • the visit needs to be extended or if there is a delay to the commencement;
  • the visit is terminated early or cancelled prior to commencement;
  • a Visitor departs (or intends to depart) Australia during the term of a visit; or
  • the Visitor does not hold, or ceases to hold the visa stipulated in their letter of invitation.


The hosting department

The hosting department is responsible for:

  • determining whether the Visitor is processed through Rex by applying the relevant criteria;
  • obtaining the appropriate approval for the Visitor;
  • completing the required Visitor details in Rex and forwarding the information electronically to the Global Mobility Team;
  • following the advice of the Global Mobility Team and ensuring that the Visitor does so;
  • checking that the Visitor has applied for and been granted the visa stipulated in their letter of invitation and immediately advising the Global Mobility Team if this is not the case;
  • reminding the Visitor not to confirm his/her travel arrangements until the visa has been confirmed;
  • advising the Global Mobility Team when the Visitor arrives via the Confirmation of Commencement notification in Rex;
  • reimbursing the Visitor where necessary;
  • liaising with the Global Mobility Team where applicable;
  • advising the Global Mobility Team of any changes to a visit; and
  • ensuring that the Visitor completes appropriate mandatory compliance training.

Global Mobility Team

The Global Mobility Team is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the University complies with Australia's taxation and immigration laws;
  • determining the Visitor's visa type;
  • issuing the Visitor's letter of invitation and providing a copy to the hosting department;
  • facilitating the payment process; and
  • liaising with the hosting department to seek clarification and provide information and support.


The Visitor is responsible for:

  • accepting the University's invitation online;
  • obtaining the appropriate visa, as specified in their invitation letter;
  • providing a copy of their visa label or visa approval from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection prior to their travel;
  • completing the on-boarding form through Rex;
  • completing mandatory compliance training, as directed by the hosting department; and
  • abiding by the University's policies and procedures during the visit.

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Version number: 1.0
Effective date: 10 August 2015
Procedure author: Director, Remuneration and Global Mobility
Procedure owner: Executive Director Human Resources
Contact: ask.Monash